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You can’t juggle it all. 

A start-up CEO once told me that he attributed his success to realizing that he couldn’t do it all. He had the vision and the means, but he needed to find people with the skills and expertise that he didn’t have in order to help him start, grow and ultimately sell a successful business.

Oftentimes SMB’s (small to medium-sized businesses) are so laser focused on their product, services and direct sales - and rightly so - that the task of marketing and communications falls to the wayside.


Entrepreneurs and small business owners don't have the headcount to support marketing programs nor do they have the budget to hire an expensive firm. And, mid-size businesses are usually in stealth mode with limited wiggle room in the budget for a marketing team.


This is where SMB MarCom comes into play, by providing marketing & communications services tailored to your unique small and medium-sized business needs.



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Marketing & Communications


The term SMB doesn’t just represent my initials. It just so happens that “SMB’s” or “Small and Medium-sized Businesses” is also where I do my best work.

Since 2000, I have worked with small nonprofits, start-ups and small to medium-sized businesses helping them build their brand, create content, develop channel partnerships and execute on marketing campaigns, programs and events that help them succeed and grow.

I am a high-performing and innovative Communications and Marketing Leader with 25+ years of experience exceeding expectations while driving internal and external communications, content creation, social media, event management, and marketing campaigns. 


In addition to my professional career, I am a volunteer advocate for cancer patients through my start-up and operation of Cindy's Legacy (, a 501c3 charity established in 2011 that provides financial aid to cancer patients. I manage charity operations, fundraising and marketing activities alongside a small board of directors. Since 2011, we have raised nearly $100K for cancer patients in financial distress.

I am also a wine enthusiast and level 1 Sommelier. After being involved in planning one of Virginia's largest wine festivals for several years, I grew passionate about Virginia wine and the winery landscapes. In 2010, I began writing about my wine adventures throughout Virginia in my blog - Virginia Wine Know ( While I continue to operate my blog, I have also established my brand on social media, specifically Instagram and Twitter, and participate in many influencer opportunities related to the wine industry.

Key skills & Competencies: Cross-Functional Collaboration, Vendor Relations, Marketing Budgeting, Content Overviews, Executive Presentations, Event Management and Marketing, Full-Scale Project Management, Advising, Community Relations, Web & Digital Content, Content Development, PR, Lead Generation, Go-to-Market Positioning, Thought Leadership, Brand Identity, Social Media strategy, content and creative.



Are you ready to take your business to new heights with expanded marketing and communications? Or, maybe you just need help with a special event or some routine marketing tasks?


SMB MarCom can help in a variety of ways with my tailored approach for businesses with lean budgets.


Think of SMB MarCom as your marketing concierge service that acts as a natural extension of your team or fills in during those early days when there is no dedicated marketing team. Working with me extends your capacity for white glove marketing initiatives that support your go-to-market strategy.

I can jump in and help where needed to support a variety of marketing and communications tasks, and for a price that you can feel comfortable with.



Engaging, well-written and relevant content is essential for the success of your business. Everyone can write, but not everyone can write specifically for sales, marketing, and overall branding success. This is where I can help. SMB MarCom is here to support your business by creating content for a variety of your marketing initiatives. 


Social media is a powerful tool that can help you connect with your customers and build brand awareness. SMB MarCom offers a range of social media marketing services to help businesses maximize their presence and impact on social media. I can help with the strategic planning, execution, and management of marketing campaigns on your various social media platforms. By leveraging my expertise, you can optimize your social media presence and achieve your marketing objectives.

Events are a lot of work and stress especially if you’re not used to planning them. With more than 25+ years of experience planning events from charity fundraisers, to celebrity galas, to outdoor concerts and festivals, to some of the world’s largest technology trade shows, I have you covered. My expertise includes event strategy, execution, and full-scale project management.


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